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Dream bigger than before. Do more than ever.

Have you ever had a day dream so vivid it was almost like real life? You see yourself in the corner office after your new promotion, or cutting the ribbon on opening day for your new business. What if those dreams didn’t have to stay in your head anymore, but you could start living them out in real time?

You deserve to see yourself accomplishing everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You have the vision, but you haven’t forged your path - yet.

Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • You know you have the talent, smarts and grit, but you haven’t discovered your calling yet.
  • You’ve got ambition, but need some help putting it in the right direction to really get your plans off the ground.
  • You feel like you’re going at it alone. These challenges are too tough to tackle by yourself.
  • Sometimes, you settle for results that are just OK. You want to be the kind of person that doesn’t settle for less than the best.
  • You get caught up in distractions and obstacles that stand in the way of your success.
  • You’ve got ideas, but you don’t have the strategy and follow through to back it up.

It’s time to change that, right here, right now.

Have you ever wondered what is it about those people who can manifest a dream from their mind and make it a reality? Do you ever look at someone and say to yourself, “If they can do it, why can’t I?

  • Imagine if you knew how to get yourself out of your rut and into action mode.
  • Imagine that you clearly understood your unique talents and creative gifts and how to use them intentionally.
  • Imagine yourself tackling problems head on, setting you apart as a leader in your professional life.
  • Imagine that you could utilize your time and energy in a way that benefits you every time, without leaving you drained.
  • Imagine having the stamina and commitment to your dreams that allows you to execute them fully, no matter how large or daunting they may seem.
  • Imagine the satisfaction of finally being able to say, “This was something I always wished for, and now it’s finally coming true!

Imagine knowing that all of these tools are accessible to you with everything you have, right now. 

Maximize Your Talents, Multiply Your Money shows you how to tap into your greatest potential.

This thorough guide will give you tools you can use right now, to build the career and lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Stop wasting time hoping and waiting when DOING and ACHIEVING are right at your fingertips.

Ona Brown has spent more than 22 years dedicated to the empowerment and development of all people and has shown a commitment to helping them achieve their dreams. As an international speaker, coach, and corporate trainer, Ona has honed the ability to help individuals and groups identify personal barriers to success and uses her transformative and inspiring methods to help people surpass their limitations. Now Ona has developed this program to provide a comprehensive set of tools that you can begin to use to unlock all the motivation and power you need to take you to the top and multiply your money.  

Maximize Your Talents, Multiply Your Money is delivered to you in…
  • 12 videos modules that outline how you can identify your distinct gifts, and learn to turn those gifts into revenue generating opportunities.
  • In these videos, you’ll hear from Ona directly. Her calming, motivational style will allow you to absorb her advice at any time and become inspired to act on your dreams.
    The strategies that Maximize Your Talents, Multiply Your Money teaches you that demonstration beats conversation every time! This program will give you that extra push to put your vision into ACTION.

+ ADD-ON: Get access to Transformational Group Sessions with Ona!

  • 4 weeks of LIVE video coaching sessions with Ona

  • Get the opportunity to listen, ask Ona direct questions and learn from each other

  • Mentally create your own reality. Like Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge!
  • Focus on the talents, experiences and qualities that define your “USP”, or unique selling points.
  • Celebrate and invest in what you do well, and what you enjoy doing.
  • Match your talents with revenue generating options.
  • Understand who your audience is, what they’re missing and what you can create for them to fill those needs.
  • Create your plan, prioritize it and ACT on it!
  • Multiply and expand your vision. Stretch yourself to think bigger and bolder!
  • Create money as you do what you love to do!

You have potential and power within you to stop playing small. You can step into the global economy and have a worldwide impact!

For a LIMITED TIME discount, use promo code OWNWITHONA at checkout!

Register for Maximize Your Talents, Multiply Your Money today to start your lifelong journey to becoming the achiever you are meant to be!

All dreams have an expiration date. Make sure you don’t miss yours.



One-Time Payment

  • 12 video modules



One-Time Payment

  • 12 video modules
  • 4 Transformational Group Sessions with Ona

*Please note that due to the effort involved in the creation of our content and programs, there are absolutely NO refunds offered. We fully expect each participant to show up, do their work, and utilize the provided content and training; however, there are NO guarantees of an individual's results as each individual is different in their retention of knowledge and their commitment to doing the work. My completed purchase is an indication that I FULLY understand this is an non-refundable purchase.


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